inshallah - Single muslims for Marriage and Dating
Inshallah gives you the opportunity to connect with 4 million Muslims from around the world.

Chat, meet and marry through our app and join the 275,000 Muslims who are already united thanks to Inshallah.

InshAllah is a dating service app that enables you to talk with members of the Muslims community and discover your soulmate in the hope of marrying, God willing, within the respect of human and moral values which are those of Islam.

Since 2011, Inshallah puts a top priority to the quality of the audience and exchanges between our Muslim community members. Monitoring is active 24/7 and offers our members the peace and respect they need in their dialogue.

For more privacy with the content you share, you can manage access to your photos and filter the members who can write to you by age, location or country of origin.