Ovy - NFP, period, ovulation, bbt, menstruation
Ovy connects the Ovy Bluetooth Fertility Thermometer and the Ovy cycle app to track your menstrual cycle. Use Ovy to get pregnant or to track your cycle naturally. By tracking your daily temperature and other body signals, Ovy's algorithm calculates the exact day of your ovulation, your fertile window and the beginning of your next period - applying proven science. Ovy is a class 1 medical product.

Know when you’re most fertile and monitor your reproductive health through your iPhone. The self-learning algorithm is based on the highly recognized symptothermal method (NFP method) which is recommended by gynecologists to women globally.


How it works:
+ Set up your profile by completing the onboarding process
+ Connect our Ovy Bluetooth Fertility Thermometer with the Ovy App
+ Take your temperature first thing every morning before you get out of bed
+ Your temperature is transferred to the Ovy App directly
+ No need to open the Ovy App to receive the temperature data as it all works in the background
+ Switch on or off the vibration or sound alarm on your Ovy Fertility Thermometer to know when measurement is finished
+ Tell Ovy how you feel by adding body signals such as period, PMS, discharge or mood swings
+ Add the first day of your period the day it starts

Why you should use Ovy:
+ The Ovy App is free of charge, no subscription model and can be used with any thermometer
+ Safe and effective due to direct temperature transfer
+ Apply the well recognized and scientifically proven symptothermal method aka. as Natural Family Planning method
+ Know the exact day of ovulation, your fertile window and next period when ever you open the Ovy App
+ Get pregnant or track your cycle naturally
+ Apply a combined system of cycle app and Bluetooth fertility thermometer for accurate prediction
+ Access to Ovy Care that helps you meet your fertility goals
+ Get a reminder for temperature measurement and data input
+ Convenient and intuitive user experience
+ Clean and simple design
+ Classified as medical device

Ovy hacks:
+ Use Ovy’s Bluetooth fertility thermometer or any other device with two decimal places
+ Place your thermometer on top of your phone before you go to sleep
+ Set a reminder to take your temperature in the morning
+ Check if your temperature curve appears normally - if not change the measuring site (oral or vaginal) but make sure you stick with one during a whole cycle
+ Make use of the 3 minute timer in case the shortened measurement time leads to unsteady curves
+ Complete your profile - try to remember your last period
+ Add temperature interference to make predictions more accurate

More than a cycle app
Ovy’s smart algorithm understands how your hormones influence your well-being during the four phases of your menstrual cycle. Ovy Care helps you to achieve optimal balance by providing meaningful content based on nutrition and fitness. Ovy helps you handle period cramps, increase your energy and get the glow. Just check out Ovy’s meal- and workout tipps.