The myPixid app gives you access to many temp work management features.

Find at any time your documents related to temporary employment: contracts, timesheets, payslips, invoices.

You are a temp worker,
Thanks to myPixid app, you can:
- Sign your current contract and retrieve your previous contracts
- Receive and retrieve your payslips in an electronic format
- Access timesheets
- Set up alerts

You are are a client of a temp agency,
Thanks to myPixid app, you can:
- Sign and retrieve your temp workers contracts
- Access your temp workers timesheets
- Receive and access invoices sent by your recruitment agency

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About PIXID:
Created in 2004, PIXID is the leading VMS in France offering a complete SAAS application compliant with all aspects of French regulation for providing and using temporary staff. More than 100,000 users are connected daily through PIXID to lower their costs and work more efficiently with their suppliers on-line. Innovative services, like the electronic signature of HR contracts are available to customers ranging from large accounts to SMB. PIXID is based in Paris and London.

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