Clean Beauty
CLEAN BEAUTY is the only mobile application that allows you to identify controversial ingredients and allergens* in ALL beauty and hygiene products (including make-up, nail polishes, hair dyes, etc.), thanks to a simple photo of the ingredient list.

• CLEAN BEAUTY is developed by a team of scientists led by a doctor of pharmacy cosmetologist.

• CLEAN BEAUTY is universal: you can analyse all the products available on the market (including abroad), in stores, on e-commerce sites...

• CLEAN BEAUTY provides you with scientifically documented results with confidence: controversial ingredients and allergens are established on the basis of the most recent international scientific bibliography.

• CLEAN BEAUTY identifies nearly 130 controversial ingredients:
- Ingredients suspected of being endocrine disrupters
- Conservative concerns
- Irritating, allergenic or comedogenic agents
- Nanomaterials
- CLEAN BEAUTY also automatically identifies the 26 labelable allergens of EC Regulation 1223/2009 Annex III (substances subject to restrictions)

• CLEAN BEAUTY also offers a glossary of more than 1200 ingredients commonly used in cosmetics.

• CLEAN BEAUTY's analyses are always up to date: CLEAN BEAUTY's analysis is independent of any barcode and focuses only on the list of ingredients, thus allowing a risk-free evaluation of the error linked to the updating of the barcode.