Klara - Personalised pollen count & forecast
Klara, your allergy companion app, helps you track, manage and assist with your pollen allergy. With personalised allergy information and accurate pollen counts, Klara can help you with the daily hassles of allergy and hay fever. Klara gives forecasts for all pollen types, such as grass, weeds and trees, as well as air quality conditions.

Pollen levels change every day. Get customised alerts on pollen counts and be better prepared for your day with accurate forecasts. Track seasonal and even daily hayfever triggers, such as grass, trees, weeds, and other pollen counts. Get information and tips to help you manage your allergy symptoms, with data about pollen, air quality and air pollution.

Users say:
"Brilliant! Helps with my asthma, as it's due to pollen..."
"Explains the relation between hay fever and asthma..."
"I have suffered with hay-fever for years and I have asthma, helps me plan ahead!"
"Article explains the relation between hay fever and asthma..."

Live your life, learn about allergies and allergy symptom relief, with our easy to use pollen allergy app.

● Enter personal allergy information
● Klara uses an algorithm developed by our allergy researchers. It combines your symptoms data with grass and other pollen allergy counts from Breezometer and National Pollen Aerobiological Research Unit
● Get a personal allergy forecast for grass, tree pollen, hay fever, air pollution, based on your symptom history
● Learn about allergy symptoms and relief, and improve management of your allergy with Klara’s learning section. Includes research-based articles and user-friendly tips and facts
● Get tips on symptoms, pollen allergy types, causes, and treatment
● Be prepared, get helpful pollen counts and air quality alerts
● If you suffer from allergy symptoms, hay fever or pollen allergy, Klara may help

We are always improving Klara, please get in touch if you think something could be better: support-uk@klarify.me

Klara is a free service app offered by your allergy partner, klarify.me

Grass pollen, weeds pollen and tree pollen counts are available for all of the UK, including: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Leeds-Bradford, Bristol, Liverpool-Birkenhead, Southampton, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby, Newcastle, Sunderland and many more.