Loose screw led to Vettel innuendo

imageWhile Lance Stroll‘s claim that there was something loose in his pedal box had a touch of the Father Ted about it, Sebastian Vettel‘s subsequent radio message was distinctly ‘Carry On’.

“There’s something loose between my legs… apart from the obvious,” said the German over his radio, subsequently repeating the entire message “.

“Something is bouncing around between my feet,” he added. “I’d be proud if it’s what you thought it was but…” he admitted, to the sound of giggles from his engineer.

“I think the biggest worry we had today was a little screw that came loose and was somewhere between my feet,” The German subsequently told reporters. “We found it in the end!”

Asked about the radio message, he grinned and said: “I said it, and once I said it I thought ‘no, don’t get it wrong!’ so I had to say it again. It was funny.

“But we found it in the end, it was a little screw,” he added… which of course opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

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