Audi to Recall 64000 Cars Over Diesel Scandal

The sign of German car company Audi photographed at the front of a car in Berlin, Germany, Monday, Sept. 28, 2015.

AP Photo / Markus Schreiber

BERLIN (Sputnik) – Germany’s Audi automobile manufacturer said in a statement on Thursday that it would withdraw almost 64,000 cars with V-TDI diesel engines in connection with the scandal over the manipulation of diesel emissions.

“Starting tomorrow, AUDI AG will recall approximately 64,000 further vehicles with V-TDI engines into the workshops. Following the approval of Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), half of the eight recalls for cars with V-TDI engines will now be implemented. This corresponds to about two-thirds of the approximately 151,000 vehicles in Germany covered by the Euro 6 emissions standard,” the statement read.

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The KBA also allowed Audi to update the engine software in some of those cars.

“This affects approximately 103,500 vehicles of the A6, A7 Sportback and A8 model ranges, as well as the Q5 and SQ5 TDI SUVs. Just like the A6 and A7 Sportback models with 200 kW (272 hp), which were approved in mid-November, these models are also powered by a V6 TDI engine,” the statement said.

This update will include removing a software component from the engine management system, Audi added.

In 2015, Audi’s parent company Volkswagen turned out to be involved in the falsification of emissions test results for its diesel-engine cars. The company admitted that 11 million of its vehicles worldwide had been fitted with such software and agreed to pay a massive fine. The US government obliged the company to recall nearly 500,000 Volkswagen and Audi cars manufactured in 2009-2015 equipped with emissions cheating software.