Belgian Horses Pull Semi Up Icy Minnesota Driveway

A pair of hardy Belgian draft horses pulled a semi-truck and trailer up Lizzie and Jacob Hershberger’s steep and icy driveway in south Minnesota on December 5, after the truck got in a bit of trouble trying to make the journey.

The owner of the semi, Craig Helgeson, stepped out and let driver Josie Swartzentruber take over as Jacob’s team of Belgian horses helped get both semi and trailer up the hill.

Another video shared by Lizzie Hershberger shows the team making it to the top. Speaking to Storyful, Lizzie Hershberger said that she and her husband grew up around horses. She said these Belgian horses, owned by Jacob, were bred and trained for such work and were unharmed. She said that while the horses regularly pull heavy loads, a semi-trailer was a first for them. Credit: Craig Helgeson via Storyful