Cameras in constituency for programme on Stamford MP

BBC Newsnight cameras were in the constituency today to film a report on Nick Boles, Brexit and what local voters think of them.

Filming took place in Grantham and featured district councillor Ray Wootten, who has criticised Mr Boles concerning his rebellions against the government.

Today, the Stamford MP was to release his proposals at 3pm, where he seeks to make a No Deal Brexit illegal and for parliament to take control of the Brexit process from the government and delaying Britain’s departure date if necessary.

The programme, to be shown tonight on BBC2 at 10.30pm, comes as the Leader of Lincolnshire County Council says “many people” have been telling him they are “very concerned and angry” over what is happening with Brexit and the actions of constituency MP Nick Boles.

Coun Martin Hill, has taken to social media to respond to comments from Mr Boles, arguing why the MP is rebelling against the Government over a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

Coun Hill is a trustee, vice-president and former chairman of Grantham & Stamford Conservative Association.

The Folkingham county councillor of 25 years tweeted late Friday: “As with the Quentin Davies history in this constituency – many people who are not party members are telling me, (unprompted) that they are very angry and concerned by what has happened this week.”

Mr Boles rebelled twice against the government last week, helping them lose two votes concerning preparations for a ‘No Deal’ brexit.

Last month, the MP also threatened to resign the Conservative Whip, should the government adopt ‘No Deal’ as its policy.

His threat recalled the situation in 2007 when Mr Boles’ predecessor Quentin Davies defected to the Labour Party, after being elected as a Conservative and serving as a Conservative MP in the constituency for some 20 years.

Coun Hill told the Journal: “I’m merely reporting what people are telling me, the man or woman in the street, when I bump into them.”

“The two things I hear most are ‘get on with it’ and people are concerned about Nick Boles, the idea that he wants to rule out a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.”

“Grantham and Stamford voted 61-39 per cent to leave. A lot of people are expecting that to happen. In the 2017 Conservative Party manifesto, we were talking about leaving and not being in the Single Market and Customs Union.”

“I don’t want the impression that it’s a few hardline Brexiteers (saying this). It seems a more general view of the people.”

Coun Hill declined to say whether Mr Boles should be deselected as Conservative MP and noted he has yet to put himself forward as candidate for the next general Election, whenever that might be.

“That’s something to be clarified. We will have to see what develops.”

But he added: “The MP should respect the views of his constituency. An MP should broadly reflect the views of his constituency over the long term.”

The Mercury is unaware of the Newsnight team visiting Stamford.