Norfolk County Council meeting held up by climate change protest

The scene of the protest in the Norfolk County Council chamber (7091141)
The scene of the protest in the Norfolk County Council chamber (7091141)

Norfolk County Council’s budget meeting has finally got underway, around four hours later than planned, after a climate change protest.

A group of demonstrators occupied the council chamber at County Hall in Norwich in protest at plans to build a new road on the edge of the city.

They fear the proposed Western Link, which would join the new Northern Distributor Road to the A47, would cause major environmental damage to the Wensum Valley.

The meeting eventually began a short time ago, having earlier been adjourned several times. Police were called and have removed the protestors.

Earlier, Swaffham division councillor Ed Colman said he had seen at least two of the demonstrators being led away in handcuffs.

He added: “I feel it’s absolutely vital we carry on today to send out a strong message to the people of Norfolk who we represent.”

South Lynn and Clenchwarton representative Alexandra Kemp had also been seen talking to the demonstrators in a bid to bring the standoff to an end.

She said: “Everyone has the right to have a protest, but they should have left by 10. They’re alienating the decision makers.”