McLaren car launch: F1 team post this weird message ahead of 2019 release

The livery in which Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz will race in during the 2019 season will be released today with most constructors having already showcased their models.

Sainz is in his first season with McLaren having switched over from Renault.

Norris is in his rookie season having stepped up from Formula 2, though he had several free practice sessions with the team in 2018.

And in an attempt to hype up fans, McLaren posted a strange message on their website early on Thursday morning.

Titled Fearlessly Forward, the statement read: “The pursuit of better. We go again.

“As we begin a new season in Formula 1, we recognise that we’ve had times of extraordinary success, and times when we haven’t lived up to our name.

“We carry a legacy on our shoulders. With pride.

“If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from 56 years on track, is that racing is a never-ending chase. As a team, with our fans and our partners.


“We’ll never stop pushing. We’ll never stop giving it everything we’ve got.

“And so, we go again.”

Sainz can’t wait to get going this season according to his father.

“Carlos is very excited, very eager to start the tests here in Barcelona,” Sainz snr told El Mundo Deportivo.

“From there it will be known more or less if McLaren has done its homework well, whether Renault has done its homework well and the engine goes a little better, and if the chassis is better than it was last year with Fernando [Alonso].

“Everything depends on the car. You cannot talk about results without knowing that.

“Maybe he’ll do 11th or 13th places like Fernando did last year, or maybe it will be points and it’s a super result.

“But I see a Carlos who is very motivated, very excited and eager to start.”